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Greetings and blessings my brothers and sisters! In light of current events, do not forget we not only serve a loving and living God, but we are called to walk and abide with Him!

Father God is setting the stage while He prepares His people for a coming release of authority and power through His servants. In the coming weeks and months, we will experience our own modern Acts 4:23-31 type experiences as God releases us to go forward. Keep developing and growing in your own personal time of intimacy with Father God!

Prophetically there is so much happening at a rapidly increasing speed. My goal is to keep my teaching as simple and as practical as possible. I labor, as Apostle Paul declared, until Christ is formed in you (Gal. 4:19).

First I want to state – God is not the initiator of this virus. As I stated previously, it is of demonic origin. Just as God uses mankind to bring salvation, healing and love, satan uses mankind to release death and destruction. What God does do is He exposes the works of the enemy for what it really is! Isaiah 61:1-11 speaks very clearly of this. Isaiah 53:1-2 speaks of how God, through His Son, restores relationship with mankind.

What is clear is that God is using events to bring a shaking within His people and throughout the earth. It is a shaking off of man-made works within His Church, and a shaking among the kingdoms of this world to reveal their need for God’s salvation – not man’s.

Please remember to keep our military and missionaries overseas in your prayers as well as your local city and county officials. I encourage you to send a note/card of gratitude to Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton for supporting our Constitutional and religious freedoms! Pray for an end to and a cure for the Corona Virus.