Greetings and blessings in the wonderful Name of Jesus!  

We have covered some important biblical truths over the past few weeks including the current event series, “Be the Light” in today’s chaotic society. As Apostle Paul states in Phil. 2:15, “In the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, you shine as lights in the world.”  

Our goal is very simple – we are building spiritual foundation … principle at a time upon another! We are building a wall of spiritual fortification from which we are able to wage war effectively and victoriously!!   On our Tuesday morning FB live streams, we are teaching on the pre-eminence of Christ and its impact upon our identity as sons and daughters of God!  In the coming weeks, we will begin teaching on principles of spiritual warfare through our Sunday services:

1.      The War Between Saints and Evil Spirits

2.     Blowing the Roof Off the House

3.     The Power of Authoritative Prayer  

I believe it is essential we learn to warfare individually to effectively warfare corporately. Currently too many are dependent on someone else to warfare on their behalf.  Father God is busy maturing all His children in order to fully grant them Kingdom Authority so that all His children can wage war victoriously!   So stayed plugged in! If you miss a service, catch up via the church website.  

Love and blessings!!        Pastor Ollie