“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation…” Matt. 12:25        

     I stated several months ago there was a spiritual war over the heart, the future of this nation….           There is a division, a deep ideological division, that is real. Socialism, communism light has rooted itself in the halls of our national government and many of our state governments.

          Several weeks ago, I spoke of a soft coup called a Color Revolution coup. This type of coup uses no bullets. It uses political manipulation and pressure, lies, and false accusations presented as truth. The Color Revolution coup controls the narrative of what is presented as truth to the masses through the news and media. Its goal was and is to develop a group herding mindset among the population to believe the lies and to call obedience to government mandates.  This coup has been in the works for 3 plus years. It began with the Russian hoax, was revved up through Covid, narrated through most news and media mainstream outlets, and is a constant line of deception. It is designed to create political and racial division. This has become obvious over the past 6 months. With the election verification of Joe Biden as President, this coup seems to have been completed. But more will come.

          Let’s look at what Jesus said about a divided Kingdom!

  1.      First, He states “every kingdom divided”. This means no nation or government is exempt/omitted from this principle!! Meaning America is not above, immune to judgment. This church      MUST wake up to this truth.

  2.      Second, He states “against itself”. This means an inward struggle or battle…which we are now witnessing. The election of Trump interrupted the global elites plans within our government of moving towards a one world union. The hatred toward Trump has been demonic. This hatred will now turn toward Trump supporters, constitutionalists, and the Body of Christ in the coming days!

  3.     “Is brought to desolation” In Hebrew this means to desert, abandon, to be fruitless; a fruitless, barren land absent of God’s favor and protection.    

         It was said by many that 9-11 was a wake-up call. Jonathan Cahn wrote several books on this. As Cahn said, “A harbinger, the cover of God’s protection, is being peeled back.” Why? God will not violate the principle of sowing & reaping (Gal. 6:7). Some say God will not judge this nation. I say a removal of covering and favor is a type of judgment.   

        In the midst of this, God has graced His Church with an opportunity to restore family altars, personal times of devotion, strengthen intimacy, and sharpen our spiritual ears to hear. But have we made the most of it? We are about to find out!  

4.     For He also said every city or house divided against itself will not stand! It boils down to one thing alone – Jesus states in verse 30, “He who is not for Me is against Me and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.”   We must realize and never forget how God deals with a nation and how He deals with His people are 2 different issues, even though they may seem, at times, as one!   

        As God allows this political division to continue – its in the midst of this chaos God’s Spirit of boldness will fall upon His people, those who have humbled themselves, accompanied with supernatural signs. We must side with God, with Christ! Not a political party or man.

          God is going to expose corruption. It will be a supernatural revealing.    

       But…. His greatest interest/focus is preparing and maturing His people! We must do our part – maintain a heart of a worshipper, untainted by the world, becoming Spirit-led servants. A prophetic word by James Goll says the church must “Go out into the streets”.    

       As I write this, I am reminded of a prophetic phrase God gave me Dec. 3, 2020 concerning 2021: “2021 – a year of mantling of the remnant – the commissioning and rising of the remnant!” This is linked with the spirit of boldness! (Acts 4)   

        Finally, there is an all-out assault on civil liberties of free speech. It has begun with big tech censoring communication platforms of President Trump and many of his supporters. Some conservative voices have been targeted. Joseph Farrah called it, “Night of the Long Knives…. Tech Style.”

          However, Good News! There is absolutely nothing the enemy can do to prevent God’s ability to communicate with His people. Nothing can be done to disrupt God’s plan of a Spirit-led people, a people empowered and inspired by God Himself! Many believers being used by God will experience supernatural moments like they’ve read about in their Bibles! Never forget the book of Acts is still be written and recorded through this day! It did not end at Acts 28:31. According to Jesus in Matthew 24:14, it continues. “And the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to the nations”!! And then the end will come! Get ready for the anointing!! Maranatha!  

Pastor Ollie